Mike Wilson '57 Trophy

Awarded, when merited, to the Middlebury athlete, who, while overcoming personal challenge, has shown such spirit, enthusiasm, and unselfish devotion to the members of the team that it has been an inspiration in creating team morale.

Wilson hailed from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, and entered Middlebury in the fall of 1953, participating in football and running track. Tragically, he was killed just before Thanksgiving break in 1954, when he was struck by a car along Château Road on his way to his room at Alpha Sigma Psi.

The 1954–55 football and track teams presented the Mike Wilson ’57 Trophy in memory of Wilson. It later became a department award in 1959.

Previous Winners: 

2019          Abigail Blyler, Spencer Cage
2018          Evangeline Dunphy, Tanner Contois
2017          Grace Woroch
2016          Not Awarded
2015          Nora Kelly
2014          Dana Tripp
2013          Lucy Wagner, Will Gibbons
2012          Charlie Strauss, Alyson Downing
2011          Natasha Woodworth
2010          Not Awarded
2009          Nathaan Demers, Mary Roberts
2008          Harrison Bane
2007          Kelly Brush
2006          Schuyler Winstead
2005          Jason Korsmeyer
2004          Heather Wende, Chris Fraser
2003          Marianne Reed, Tom Cleaver
2002          Katie Samson
2001          Matt Blake
2000          Forest Carey, Sylvia Ryan
1999          Amity Wall, Brian Coates
1998          Randi Borgen, Brad Somma
1997          Mike McCollum, Mia DeMattei
1996          David Erickson
1995          Daniel Richards
1994          Peter O’Hara, Kate Webber
1993          Sladja Kovijanic, Rick Gronda
1992          Michael Hart
1991          Chris Waddell, Karen Griffith
1990          John DeMatte
1989          Andrew Sterns, Claudia Stern
1988          Rob Johnstone, Ingrid Punderson
1987          John Castle, Amy Cleeves
1986          Scott Farr, Cathy Donohue
1985          Rodman Fox, Antoinette “Toni” Mauck
1984          William Betz, Kelly Morgan
1983          Keli McMenamy, Patrick O’Donoghue
1982          James Loveys
1981          Douglas Dickson, Diane Sargent
1980          Paul Scheufele
1979          Paul Scheufele
1978          David B. LaPann
1975          Thomas B. Fulton
1974          Peter D. Ord
1971          Charles O’Sullivan
1970          Mark P. Yeager
1959          William N. Badgley