John P. Stabile '40 Memorial Trophy

Awarded annually to the male athlete who best exemplifies the Middlebury spirit.

Stabile was a football standout, captaining the 1939 team. He became a Marine after graduating from Middlebury, in January 1941, and came up through the ranks to earn his commission as lieutenant.

He was stationed in Guadalcanal with the 182nd Infantry, Company C. His men were dedicated to him and told the story of his heroism. One of Stabile’s men (Barney Ross) lay wounded in a shallow shell hole in full view of Japanese snipers. Stabile did not ask for volunteers, but ran to Ross himself through a curtain of enemy fire. He administered first aid, then started back with Ross on his shoulder. A sniper hit him after only a few steps, and Marines opened covering fire while medical corps men rushed out with a stretcher. Stabile ordered that Ross be moved first, but when they returned, Stabile had died. He was only 25 years old at the time in November of 1942. He was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. The residents of his hometown of Medford, Massachusetts, dedicated a monument in his honor in 1945.

Previous Winners:

2019          Minhaj Rahman
2018          Sebastian Sanchez
2017          Matt Marra
2016          Max Greenwald
2015          Matthew Benedict
2014          Kevin Chu
2013          Mike Morris
2012          Matt Wassell
2011          Harrison Watkins
2010          Andrew Thomson
2009          Chandler Koglmeier
2008          Scott Bartlett
2007          Peter Mellen
2006          Derek Cece
2005          Eric Shanley
2004          Craig Pittman
2003          Steve Hulce
2002          Brian Hamm
2001          Ben Pratt
2000          Mike Baumgardner
1999          Scott Wiercinski
1998          Ryan Goldman
1997          Nick Owsley
1996          Douglas Mandigo
1995          Ryan Sullivan
1994          Chris Butler
1993          David Low, Timothy Craig
1992          Brent Truchon
1991          Donald Jackson IV
1990          Mitch Harper, Andy Krugman
1989          Will Carey
1988          Mike Dubzinski, Sarah O’Herron
1987          Brian Buteau, Anne Marie Dowd
1986          Andy Fellows, Bess Cromwell
1985          Richmond “Chip” Kenyon
1984          Steven Ford, Margaret Goebel
1983          Judy Carlhian, Roy Giarrusso
1982          Robert Ritter, Tara McMenamy
1981          Alice Tower, Doug Dickson
1980          Eric Kemp
1979          Michael O’Hara
1978          John F. Jacobs
1977          Rex C. Martin, James L. Reese
1976          Steven Bouchard
1975          David Pentkowski
1974          Peter W. Mackey
1973          James A. Vandergrift
1972          Joseph T. McNulty
1971          Christopher M. Grejtak
1970          Lee Cartmill
1969          Richard Verge
1968          Stephen Callahan, John Davidson
1967          Jonathan Berger
1966          Frederick Beams
1965          David Giddings
1964          Donald Elmore
1963          Craig Stewart
1962          James Shattuck
1961          Arthur Wilkes
1960          James Wright
1959          Grover Aldrich
1958          George Bostwick, Jr.
1957          Roger Tirone
1956          Thomas Hart
1955          George Limbach
1954          Douglas Binning
1953          Richard Allen
1952          Elbert Rathburn
1951          Wendell Forbes  
1950          R.A. Loveys
1949          D.E. Thompson
1948          Chales Puksta
1947          Arthur Pepin
1946          Roy Kinsey