Hazeltine-Klevenow Memorial Trophy

For best combining ability in athletics and excellence in scholarship.

The Hazeltine-Klevenow Award was created during Marshall Klevenow’s appointment as a coach and Burt Hazeltine’s tenure as a faculty member. Judgment for the award is based on leadership ability, high academic standing, athletic prowess, and involvement in college activities and was first awarded in 1928.

Klevenow enrolled at Middlebury in 1921, playing on multiple football All-Star teams, while captaining the squad in 1923 and 1924. Klevenow later became head coach for both football and baseball soon after graduation, and stayed for three years. As a student, he combined scholarship and athletic prowess, a theme which he carried onto the fields and a spirit that will never fade from the memories of those working under him.

Hazeltine joined Middlebury’s faculty as an instructor in mathematics in 1924 and was Dean of Men from 1926–1939. He was a recognizable figure in campus life for 32 years and became Professor Emeritus in 1956. Hazeltine held a degree from Tufts Engineering School and a master’s from Columbia University, and he did graduate work at Boston College and Harvard University. During World War I, he was a commissioned executive officer of the Naval Reserve Radio School, and was eventually in charge of over 1,000 students.     

Previous Winners: 

2019          Christina Puccinelli, Jonathan Perlman
2018          Evie Keating, Becca Raffel, Kyle Schlanger, Kevin Hopsicker
2017          Sarah Freyre, James Burke
2016          Alexandra Morris, Dan Pierce
2015          Alison Maxwell, Katie Paradies, Jacob Fox
2014          Andrew Lebovitz, Liza Herzog
2013          Tracy Borsinger, Patrick Rooney
2012          Otis Pitney, Margo Cramer
2011          Jim Levins, Whitney Bean
2010          Alexandra Krieg, Colin Nangle
2009          Lindsey Rotherham, William Rainey Johnson
2008          Andrew Harris, Elise Tarbi
2007          Steve Hauschka, Anna Blasiak
2006          Emily Erickson, Gabe Wood
2005          Lauren Guza, Will Rawson
2004          Lizzy DeWitt, Patrick Saunders
2003          Kelly Slack,  Mike Mazzotta
2002          Ryan Constantine, Nelson Martelle, Alison Connolly
2001          Tim McCarthy, Molly Holmberg
2000          Craig Breen, Amanda Peters
1999          Erich Osterberg, Heidi Dripps
1998          Ian Gardiner, Molly Campbell, Katy Masselam
1997          Sebastien Bilodeau, Liz Aybar
1996          Nikkola Tarashev, Kirsten E. Rogers
1995          Wright Frank, Nicole Kassissieh
1994          Nate Bryan, Kristin Daly
1993          Patrick J. Casey, Susan Caldwell
1992          Jonathan Owsley, Erica Nourjian
1991          William Ware Jr.,  Holly Fryberger
1990          Eric Paquette, Deb Gow
1989          Parker Ward, Laura Andrews
1988          John Humphrey, Shevaun Mackie
1987          Jon Doolittle,  Dorcas DenHartog
1986          Duncan Littlefield, Karen McKeon
1985          Daniel Goldman, Cammy Brigge
1984          Andrew Varney, Mary Menard
1983          Buff Woodworth, Tom VanDeWater
1982          Paul Righi
1981          Peter Price
1980          Peter Price
1979          Franklin H. Kettle
1978          Franklin H. Kettle
1977          Christina Besse
1976          Todd Wadsworth
1975          Michael K. Mulligan
1974          James D. Kelly
1973          James D. Kelly
1972          William H. Everett
1971          John S. Tuohy
1970          Mark P. Yeager
1969          Richard E. Minton
1968          David E. Vanier
1967          Richard E. Roller
1966          Glenn A. Govertsen
1965          Jeffrey S. McKay
1964          David R. Holmes
1963          David H. Hanscom
1962          Craig W. Stewart
1961          Jeremy M. Fryberger
1960          Thomas H. Cornick
1959          William P. Ryan
1958          James D. Witham
1957          Rosario M. Rausa
1956          Mark G. Benz
1955          Richard J. Makin
1954          Robert H. Perkins
1953          Peter B. Marshall
1952          Raymond A. Ablondi
1951          C.E. Nightingale
1950          P.G. Kailey
1949          D.F. Hemphill
1948          C.I. Meeker
1947          John V. Corbisiero
1942          D.I. Gale
1941          D.I. Gale
1940          John Walter Zydik
1939          Albert Profy
1938          J. Chalmers
1937          J. Chalmers
1936          H. F. MacLean
1935          W.E. Boehm
1934          E.A. Hoxie
1933          G.E. Yeomans
1932          G.E. Yeomans
1931          G.E. Yeomans
1930          W.J. Nelson
1929          C.G. Sorenson
1928          C.H. Simmons