Deborah Parton '76 Memorial Award

Established in 1981, the award is given to an individual who best exemplifies the spirit and dedication of Deborah Parton ’76.

Parton attended high school in Middlebury and later matriculated to the College. She played varsity field hockey throughout her college career and was, as in high school, captain of the team her senior year. She was also a member of the Women’s Athletic Association and the intramural softball team.

She was class agent for the Class of 1976, and her classmates honored her by nominating and electing her for a two-year term as Alumni Trustee in 1978.

Parton returned to Middlebury to work at the Addison Independent and was tragically killed in an automobile accident in February of 1980.

She is remembered for her enthusiastic spirit, reverence for and appreciation of her family, loyalty to friends, and leadership. 

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