Brush Foundation Continues To Roll

Thanks to all those who willingly rode, soaked and soggy, in the Kelly Brush Century Ride this fall, their sponsorships and donations generated approximately $88,000 in proceeds. There were several things notable about this ride: the number of riders involved, their enthusiasm despite the weather, and the dollar amount raised in the end. But what's even more notable is how this money will be used.

A core mission of The Kelly Brush Foundation is to promote and advocate for the improvement of safety in ski racing. We are well aware of the degrees of risk that inevitably shape the sport. Some of these risks are what make the sport appealing: fast speeds, difficult terrain and course sets, and the chance to push one's comfort zone day-in and day-out. But what can be done should be done to reduce the risks that fall within our control. That is to say, it's a must to take the necessary steps toward making each race and training venue as safe as possible. A portion of the proceeds generated from the Kelly Brush Century Ride are being sent to ski clubs around the country. This money is to help cover the costs of implementing safety on the hill. It's used for things such as new safety netting, both A and B. At Middlebury, we plan to spend this money on new back protectors for our athletes, and for new fencing to better protect our race and training trails.

Kelly hopes this money will jumpstart ski safety improvements around the country. "Part of the money raised each year for the Kelly Brush Foundation is used to promote ski racing safety. After the huge success of the Century Ride this fall we wanted to give some money to a bunch of clubs around the country to start the move of bringing safety standards up to par. I hope the money gets used to make trails safer either by adding fencing to race and training trails, making plans to widen trails, or offer education to coaches on the proper way to fence. There are many ways this money can be used to ensure the safety of all racers and I hope that this money is just the beginning of safety improvements for many clubs and schools around the nation."

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