Panther Profile - Senior Angie Duke

Panther Profile - Senior Angie Duke

Angie Duke ’19 is in his fourth year on the Middlebury alpine skiing team. An economics major who is minoring in Spanish from Stowe, Vermont, Duke stayed close to home to attend college after competing around the world for another country.

How did your gap year shape the skier you’ve become today?
I am immensely grateful for the experiences and adventure that ski racing has afforded me, none more than my time on the Argentine National Team. In many ways, my gap year was a crash course in what it was like to be a ski racer at the next level, as I was able to travel the world simply in pursuit of fast skiing. The complete focus on myself and my own skiing was a huge challenge, which ultimately helped me decide to move on to collegiate skiing. I love skiing, but I love my teammates and the culture more because all members of the Middlebury Skiing family have contributed in their own ways during its long and storied history. I meet Middlebury skiing alumni all the time that still follow our races and cheer us on from the hillside.

How did dual citizenship factor into your experience?
I was born in Argentina to American expatriate parents, so I was fortunate enough to receive dual citizenship. My father was working as an editor for the country’s main English language newspaper, the Buenos Aires Herald, and we moved back to the United States when I was just over a year old. I started traveling back to Argentina to ski and live with host families when I was 13, and was named to the national team at 18.

When you aren’t skiing, what other activities keep you busy on campus?
I am a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) focused on community service. We get our teammates involved in community service events around town, whether it be playing basketball with Middlebury Special Olympics Athletes or reading for elementary school students at the Mary Hogan Read-a-thon. This year, the ski team also started cooking dinners at the Charter House, a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing basic food and housing in and around Middlebury on Sunday nights. This has been another great way to meet more people in the community. 

What drew you to Middlebury?
My choice to attend Middlebury was an easy one. Growing up in Vermont, I always had an appreciation for its beauty (and even its frigid winters) and I wanted to stay as close to family as possible. I would also argue that there is no college in the nation that has a better combination of elite level ski racing and academics, as I've been able to pursue my athletic goals without compromising my career goals. The reputation and culture that the ski team has built over the years, along with my interactions with those team members during my visit, were more than enough to convince me that Middlebury was the right place for me.

When did you get serious about skiing?
I have been skiing since before I can remember. When I was a baby, my father would ski with me on his back, and I started racing when I was only seven years old. I was always competitive and loved the adrenaline rush it gave me, but what I have always appreciated about it most are the people and the places it has brought me. I've traveled the world and made incredible friends all thanks to the sport that I love. 

What is your #MiddMoment?
The Middlebury Carnival has been a highlight every year. Riding the chairlift over the roost before your run and feeling the energy of the students is one of the best feelings I’ve had in my 15 years of ski racing.