Middlebury Strength & Conditioning

The Middlebury strength and conditioning program has a goal of helping our student-athletes reach their full potential in their specific sport. Athletes are placed on a year-round periodization calendar, designed for them to achieve peak performance during the competitive season. This is done in a safe and efficient manner both in the weight room and in the training facility. The staff combines resistance training, plyometric work and speed development.

Middlebury athletes will receive instruction in the development of mobility, core strength and flexibility. Injury pre-hab is a major part of the program, where athletes with work on stability, balance, hip flexibility and all shoulder maintenance. Along with the proper training program, athletes will be instructed about proper nutrition for them to reach their full athletic performance.

In addition, 11 of Middlebury's coaches are certified CATZ instructors. The school also regularly uses programs from Volt Athletics.

Ryan Paquette is the school's strength and conditioning coach.