Athletic Communications Department

The Middlebury College Athletic Communications Department handles all of the media and public relations for each of the Panthers' 31 varsity athletic teams. Working as a part of the Office of Communications at Middlebury, we provide coverage and media services for all of the institution's varsity athletics programs. In addition to being responsible for all media relations pertaining to student-athletes, coaches and staff, we operate the athletics website, compile statistics at home sporting events and disseminate press releases regarding individual events, student-athletes and teams. We are also responsible for all departmental promotional materials, historical program records and photography.

All interview requests for coaches, administrators or student-athletes, as well as for the Middlebury Athletics' logo, should be sent to Director of Athletic Communications Brad Nadeau by using the email address Every effort will be made to fulfill any request within a timely manner. 

General Inquiries:

Director of Athletic Communications
Brad Nadeau
Office Phone: 802.443.5193

Asst. Director of Athletic Communications
Ali Paquette
Office Phone: 802.443.5032

Physical Education/Communications Assistant
Lyle Fulton
Office Phone: 802.443.5189

Team Photographer:
Will Costello

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