Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Middlebury College's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) provides a voice for student-athletes within the Middlebury College community, represents the interests of student-athletes to the administration, undertakes projects that benefit all members of the community and fosters a positive student-athlete image. The Panthers are eagerly looking forward to helping promote the interest of all student-athletes well into the future.


Community Engagement with Special Olympics

2017-18 Middlebury SAAC Members

First Last Sport Year
Marissa Baker Field Hockey 2020
Grace  Jennings Field Hockey 2019
Eliana Schaefer Volleyball 2018
Beth Neal Volleyball 2020
Gigi Alper Volleyball 2020
Kevin Maxwell Football 2019
Fred DiTommaso Football 2019
Diego Meritus Football 2019
Chris  Taylor Football 2019
Alissa Huntington Women's Soccer 2018
Janie DeVito Women's Soccer 2019
Caitlin Magruder Women's Soccer 2020
Kevin Serrao Men's Cross Country 2018
Miles Meijer Men's Cross Country 2019
Kate MacCary Women's Cross Country 2019
Henry Wilhelm Men's Soccer 2020
Kieran Bhave Men's Soccer 2020
Blake Yaccino Women's Golf 2020
Stephen Klein Men's Ice Hockey 2018
Brett Dineen Men's Ice Hockey 2020
Jacob Ellen Men's Squash 2020
Natasha Lowitt Women's Squash 2020
Ivy Houde Women's Basketball 2019
Colleen Caveney Women's Basketball 2019
Kathryn Bullen Women's Swimming/Diving 2018
Audrey Bangs Women's Swimming/Diving 2018
Hannah Kredich Women's Swimming/Diving 2020
Brendan Leech Men's Swimming/Diving 2019
Charles Quinn Men's Swimming/Diving 2020
Max Polito Nordic Skiing 2020
Haley LaFontaine Women's Hockey 2018
Jenna Marotta Women's Hockey 2019
Rachael St. Clair Women's Hockey 2019
Elizabeth  Wulf Women's Hockey 2018
Riley Plant Men's Alpine Skiing 2018
Lexi Calcagni Women's Alpine Skiing 2019
Jack Daly Men's Basketball 2018
Adisa Majors Men's Basketball 2018
Nick Tarantino Men's Basketball 2018
Zeke  Emerson Men's Lacrosse 2020
Clayton  Read Men's Lacrosse 2020
Mollie Smith Women's Lacrosse 2020
Sara DiCenso Women's Lacrosse 2019
Molly Paradies Women's Tennis 2018
Heather Boehm Women's Tennis 2019
Kiera Dowell Women's Track and Field 2020
Evan Mercer Men's Track and Field 2020
Hayden Smith Baseball 2020
Colby Morris Baseball 2019
Ally Doll Softball 2019
Timo  van der Geest Men's Tennis 2018
Adam Guo Men's Tennis 2021
Andre Xiao Men's Tennis 2021