Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philosophy

Athletics are an essential part of the overall educational experience at Middlebury College. The College endeavors to provide athletic programs that are comprehensive and varied, offering athletic opportunities to all students. The Athletic Department is committed to the following:

  • A physical education/wellness program that stresses good health, physical fitness and life-time activities.
  • A vigorous intercollegiate sports program that strives for achievement and excellence.
  • An intramural program that encourages students of varied abilities and skills to participate in a wide range of recreational athletic activities.
  • A club sports program that offers opportunity for intercollegiate competition in a less structured environment

Our varied athletic programs, including intercollegiate athletics, club sports, intramurals, recreation, and physical education courses are designed to create the opportunity for a quality experience for all students regardless of their background, interest or level of expertise.  Our programs are designed to support the educational mission of Middlebury College and to provide an integrated experience for the participants.

The Middlebury College Department of Physical Education and Athletics aspires to:

  • Support students in their personal growth through the pursuit of excellence in athletics, academics, and citizenship by:
    • Encouraging and cultivating qualities such as teamwork, service, persistence, humility, empathy, resilience, sportsmanship, and ethical conduct
    • Endorsing a lifelong, healthy lifestyle and a mind, body, spirit connection through the joy of participating in sport
    • Promote the department community standards of respect, integrity, teamwork and accountability
    • Promote a commitment to student-athlete well-being
    • Promote a diverse and inclusive community
    • Promote a commitment to gender equity
    • Teach and develop an integrated leadership model, whereby student-athletes develop leadership skills for their athletic pursuits, which are applicable to their lives as students, as members of the campus community, and in their lives beyond Middlebury