All volleyball matches will be played in the Nelson Recreation Center


  • A match will consist of 2-3 sets
  • The first two sets will be played to 21 points (win by two)
  • A third set to 15 points will only be played in the event of a tie after the first two sets


  • All teams must have no more than six players on the court at a time (at least four must be present to play a match)
  • Since the league is coed, all teams must have at least two players of each gender on the court at all times
  • All players must rotate clockwise every time the serve is regained
  • If a team has more than six players for a match, they should rotate into the game from right back and out of the game from right front


  • All matches will be self-reffed
  • Commissioners will keep score and settle reffing disagreements
  • Net touching, double hits, lifts and rotational violations should be judged leniantly