Intramurals at Middlebury

Intramurals at Middlebury

The Middlebury College Intramural Program is organized as an integral part of the total sports program under the direction of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics. Intramurals provide a varied program of activities to meet the competitive and recreational needs of all students. Faculty and staff members are also encouraged to participate in intramurals.

The overall objective of the program is to provide participation opportunities in a wide variety of activities for those who choose intramurals over, or in addition to, other types of competition available at Middlebury. An individual's skill level is not as important as the player's desire to participate and to enjoy the intramural experiences of good fun, sportsmanship and competition.

Intramurals offer activities for both men and women. Depending upon the nature of the activity, the amount of interest and the space available, the intramural competitions are organized into leagues followed by playoffs.

Intramural rules set forth participation regulations so that all may enter these activities under uniform eligibility and competitive rules. Your participation as both a participant and/or employee is vital to the success of the intramural program at Middlebury.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Intramurals Mark Lewis at