Sports Medicine

Kelly Cray

Director of Sports Medicine

Phone: 802.443.5259

Rachel Eldredge

Assistant Director of Sports Medicine

Phone: 802.443.5636

Matt Cutts

Associate Athletic Trainer

Phone: 802.443.2316

Judd Mackey

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 802.443.5810

Chris Palmer

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 802.443.5641

Hannah Horris

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: 802.443.5347

Amal Duprey

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 802.443.3636

Dr. Mark Peluso M.D., FAAFP

Medical Director, College Physician & Team Physician

Phone: 802.443.5135

Dr. Ben Rosenberg

Orthopedic Surgery Consultant, Chief of Ortho., Porter Hospital

Phone: 802.388.3194