General Hours

Fitness Center


Climbing Wall

Kenyon Arena

Pepin Gym

Nelson Rec Center

Field House (coming soon)

Electronic Court Sign-up Instructions

  1. Click on this link, https://25live.collegenet.com/middlebury/#home_my25live[0]
  2. Click on Sign In, in the upper right hand corner.
    1. The Username is tennis
    2. The Password is tennis
    3. Click on Create an Event in the middle of the page.
    4. Choose “Tennis Court Reservation”.
    5. Enter your name.
    6. Enter your email address.
    7. Click on Middlebury College ID# box.
      1. Enter your Middlebury College ID number.
      2. Choose a Start date and time.  No more than 24 hours in advance.
      3. Choose an End date and time.
      4. Choose, “No, Does Not Repeat”.
      5. Select a court.
      6. Click Finish.


For questions about facilities, please contact Franklin Dean-Farrar.