Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates
Football team affiliate Hector Villa from the Center for Teaching/Learning/Research.

The Faculty Affiliate Program at Middlebury attempts to foster a better understanding of the mission and application of intercollegiate athletics at Middlebury, and how athletics supports the College’s educational mission. The program recruits faculty members from a variety of academic disciplines who volunteer to spend time with various teams.

The objectives:

  • To enhance communication between faculty and students, and provide additional mentoring resources for student-athletes.
  • To provide faculty members with a more complete understanding of the mission and application of intercollegiate athletics, and enhance their awareness of the responsibilities of Middlebury student-athletes.

The list of Faculty Affiliates and their respective teams may be found below.

For more information on the Faculty Affiliate Program, contact Martin Beatty via e-mail at beatty@middlebury.edu or call him at 802-443-5956.

List of Faculty Affiliates

Fall Sports
Men's Cross Country: Jessica Holmes, Economics
Women's Cross Country: Jessica Holmes, Economics
Field Hockey: Holly Allen, American Studies
Football:  Hector Vila, Writing
Men's Soccer: David Dorman, Mathematics
Women's Soccer: Jeremy Ward, Biology; Michael Dash, Psychology
Men's Tennis: Leger Grindon, Film & Media Culture
Women's Tennis: Molly Costanza-Robinson, Environmental Studies/Chemistry & Biochemistry; Leticia Arroyo Abad, Economics
Volleyball:  Pat Manley, Geology

Winter Sports
Men's Basketball: Peter Ryan, Geology; Peter Schumer, Mathematics
Women's Basketball: Jay Parini, English
Women's Ice Hockey: Matt Longman, Dean of Wonnacott Commons; Jeff Dunham, Physics
Men’s Ice Hockey: John Isham, Economics
Alpine Skiing: Carlos Velez, Psychology
Nordic Skiing: Bill Hegman, Geography
Men's & Women's Squash: Ian Barrow, History
Swimming & Diving: David Dorman, Mathematics 
Indoor Track & Field: Matt Kimble, Psychology;  Steven Viner, Philosophy

Spring Sports
Baseball: Karl Lindholm, American Literature & Civilization
Men's Lacrosse: Peter Nelson, Geography
Women's Lacrosse:  Deb Evans, American Studies
Softball: Paul Sommers, Economics
Track & Field: Matt Kimble, Psychology; Steve Viner, Philosophy

Club Sports
Rugby: Miguel Fernandez, Spanish; Mike McKenna, Consultant