Panther Profile - Senior Carson Peacock

Panther Profile - Senior Carson Peacock

Carson Peacock is a Environmental Studies major with a focus in Environmental policy as well as a four-year member of the Middlebury field hockey team. A senior midfielder from Texas, not typically known as a field hockey “hotbed,” Peacock has seen her role and her game evolve more and more each year with the team.  

How did you get started in field hockey?
My middle school had a field hockey team, which was where I first started playing. However, the extent of field hockey in Texas was not very widespread when I was younger. The first club team, Texas Pride, was started when I was a sophomore in high school, and our coach has grown the sport dramatically in the years since I left.

My coach Tina Edmonds is now teaching girls to start to play at age seven, and I can’t wait to see how much of a field hockey powerhouse Texas can grow to be.

I first realized that I was interested in playing field hockey competitively at the end of my freshman year of high school. I started playing club my sophomore year and from there on I knew it was something that I wanted to continue to grow at and make a part of my life in college. 

Why did you choose Middlebury?
I actually learned about Middlebury at a young age from one of my camp counselors who had played field hockey at Middlebury. My fellow camper and close friend Anna Kenyon ’16 and I both ended up playing field hockey at Middlebury together, just like our counselor Sarah Bryan ’10, who was from Houston and we had looked up to and admired.

The academic prowess of this institution combined with its beautiful environment and opportunity for adventure is what swayed me to pick Middlebury. 

What other activities are you involved with on campus?
I’m involved with managing Middlebury Foods, the student run non-profit on campus. We are a food access model aimed at delivering produce, staples and local products at drastically lower prices in six different Addison County locations once a month. We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic volunteers who manage and coordinate all of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a real social impact business. 

How have you balanced your academic class load with your athletic schedule?
It’s difficult, but in the end it comes down to time management. Time management is actually easier for me during season since I don't have any time to spare, which makes me more productive. 

What did you do this summer?
I worked this summer as a research assistant in the geography department here at Middlebury doing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) research with Professor Lindsay Dreiss. We were developing a map resource that prioritizes candidate riparian buffer zones for the Lake Champlain sub basin. Riparian buffer zones are the areas surrounding a waterway, so we categorized these zones to determine which ones had the highest potential for contributing to pollution of the waters.  

What is your #MiddMoment?
My #MiddMoment would have to be of playing music as the sun sets on a night out at the organic farm by a campfire with a bunch of friends. Taking in all of the views and smells from the fire! It truly doesn’t get more Middlebury than that!